About Us

BeTheWise website has been created to provide Insightful, Independent and Impartial reviews of products we really know.

We objectively look at what we think are the best products out there and recommend them to you.

We pick the things that will fit best into the lives of everyday people who are savvy enough to research before buying. We hope our content is informative and adds to your decision to buy. We don’t look for the most feature-packed gadget or what will be on-trend in the short term.

If you choose to purchase a product through our reviews using the links then we get a small kickback from the retailer directly – at no additional cost to you.

Do our links make us biased?

Quite simply no, we have no loyalty to any particular retailer or manufacturer. The choice of where to purchase your item is entirely yours. All we ask is that you use our links to get you to Amazon, eBay or any other retailer via the page you are viewing. Once there you can either purchase the product or explore your options further. The links you use, from us, will let the retailer know that you have come to them via our website. The links stay active for a short while after the initial click through so the retailer will still know. If you complete a purchase then we sometimes, but not always, get a small commission.

Why should you trust us?

All BeTheWise reviews remain impartial and are not influenced by suppliers or manufacturers. 

If you return your purchases because you are dissatisfied we earn nothing so there’s no incentive for us to recommend inferior products.

We think that’s a pretty fair system that keeps us committed to remaining impartial.

What if the what I’m looking for isn’t on your site?

We are constantly reviewing products so check back regularly for the latest additions to the BeTheWise.com

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