If a house was designed by machine, how would it look? – found by BeTheWise.com

This house was designed using algorithms and machines. They chose complex, organic-looking forms, which were stronger and more efficient than straight lines. Will all the houses of the future look like this?This is part of the BBC’s Disruptors series. You can read the full article here.Camera: Fabian Chaundy; Producer: Ben King

Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri fuel stereotype that women are “subservient” – UN report | Science & Tech News – found by BeTheWise.com

Artificial intelligence voice assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, are perpetuating and spreading gender stereotypes, says a new UN report. Titled “I’d blush if I could”, the report from UNESCO says the almost exclusive market of female voice assistants fuels stereotypes that women are “obliging, docile and eager-to-please helpers”. And with assistants responding to […]

Minecraft: 10 years on, what’s next? – found by BeTheWise.com

Ten years since Minecraft was first released and became a runaway success, Radio 1 Newsbeat’s Steffan Powell has been behind the scenes to find out what the next ten years might hold. With tough competition from newer releases like Fortnite, coupled with gaming habits changing, how can Minecraft stay relevant in the years to come?Video […]

Halfords applies brakes to investment as profits fall 24% | Business News – found by BeTheWise.com

By James Sillars, business reporter Halfords has scaled back its investment plans and is to cut costs more aggressively following a 24% dip in annual profits.The retailer used the publication of its results for the year to 29 March to warn that “challenging” trading conditions continued to mean that profitability faced a squeeze in the […]

Google changes policy on abortion advertising – found by BeTheWise.com

Image copyright AFP Google will require advertisers who wish to run ads about abortion to apply for approval first, according to a change in the company’s policy. Advertisers in the UK, US and Ireland will need to declare whether they do or do not provide abortions. That information will be displayed in Google search results.According […]

‘No stone unturned’ to support British Steel amid collapse fears, says government | Business News – found by BeTheWise.com

Ministers will leave “no stone unturned” in supporting the UK steel industry, MPs have been told, as the country’s second largest producer teeters on the brink of collapse. The pledge from business minister Andrew Stephenson came as British Steel remained locked in talks about an emergency government loan and was forced to issue a statement […]

Chiari malformation: ‘I went from travel-obsessed to bedridden’ – found by BeTheWise.com

Image copyright Hailey Dickson – Hailey was diagnosed aged 17 after her symptoms forced her to leave school Over the space of a couple of months during her final year of high school, Hailey Dickson’s world turned upside down.Then living in Arizona, the teenager went from top of her class to having to drop out […]

BP accepts climate change move – but protesters are sceptical | Business News – found by BeTheWise.com

By Adam Parsons, business correspondent In a deal heralded as a “turning point” for the fossil fuels industry, oil giant BP has accepted that its plans for the future must now embrace the terms of the Paris climate change agreement.A resolution, saying that the company must put the agreement at the heart of its future […]

Bleach peddled as ‘miracle’ autism cure on YouTube – found by BeTheWise.com

Image copyright Getty Images Hundreds of videos that promote bleach as a cure for autism have been discovered on YouTube.The substance, which is peddled as “Miracle Mineral Solution” (MMS), has reportedly caused dozens of injuries and two deaths in the US. According to an investigation by technology news site Business Insider some appeared in the […]

Millions of Instagram influencers’ private details accessible in database | Science & Tech News – found by BeTheWise.com

The personal information of millions of Instagram influencers has been found in an online database.The information was stored on a server without password protection, leaving it vulnerable and accessible to anyone. TechCrunch reported that it contained more than 49 million records, including information like email addresses and phone numbers of Instagram users.The report said the […]

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